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Call for Papers

The YMC Management Review is hosted by the Young Men Business Club ROC. Articles about management, practical discussions and management cases are all welcome for submission.

Three areas are especially encouraged for the paper:

  • The discussion and innovation about management thinking.
  • The discussion about practical management.
  • A case study about the management.

The YMC Management Review publishes two numbers each year. The first number publishes the cooperation of holding the iFAIR conference. The second number, discussed mainly in Chinese, publishes topics about practical management.

There is a limit of 20 pages for the manuscript.
Please type in a Word 2000 document or a later version. Please submit your paper to ymcmr@yahoo.com.tw.
Once you submit your paper it will be blind reviewed by two referees. According to the international conventions, all papers published are not to be paid when your paper is accepted.

Your paper should contain: a topic, abstract, article, reference, and appendix.
The first page should contain the author’s name(s), titles, address, phone number, and e-mail address only.
The abstract of your submission should contain: the research topic, the purpose, methodology, and main finding. (Limited to 300 words, with only five key words at the most)

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E-mail: myifairs@gmail.com